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Why attend?

Learn from the best at Innovation –
and let others learn from you


Build your own agenda

Choose from a range of sessions on aspects of innovation, creating a personalised schedule that fits your needs and interests


Debate with your peers 

Explore the barriers to innovation with colleagues from your professional specialism, and learn how your peers have addressed them


Shape the innovation agenda

Identify the cross-government reforms that would best support innovation in your field, then hear those reforms debated in plenary sessions

Make new contacts

Working directly with leading innovators, build new relationships – both within your professional field, and beyond 

Learn from the best

Hear presentations from some of the world’s leading innovators, and have your questions addressed by expert panels


Look overseas

Hear from leading innovators working in governments around the world, including Canada, Estonia, Germany, Israel, South Africa and United Kingdom

Innovation is part of the Global Government Forum, Global Government Fintech and Pendragon International Media portfolio of events.