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This new addition to Innovation 2024 allowed attendees learn from public and private sector experts to learn of the most innovative solutions to government issues.

Tuesday 19 March

All times quoted are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


Main conference event content and exhibition will be taking place. Please do see our main-stage agenda here.


What if every public servant had amazing digital and data skills?

Digital and data are the defining tools of 21st Century governance. They are changing the relationship between citizens and government, enabling government to be more efficient, integrated and adaptable, and raising people’s expectations of service to a level that governments can struggle to match.

But too few public servants have the digital skills government’s need to make the most of new technologies, meet citizen’s needs, and address the policy risks digital poses. The learning they have available to them can often lag behind what’s available to private sector counterparts.
What can be done to change this?

Join colleagues from EY, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Apolitical and the UK Government Skills and Curriculum Unit for a panel session that will explore how governments can respond, why we need an ambitious approach to building digital skills, and how they’ve worked together to create a world-first programme to build digital skills for non-digital specialists.


Josie Cluer, Partner, People Advisory Services, EY UK&I
Graeme Hunter,  People Consulting Lead for Local Public Services, EY UK&I
Martin Petto, Deputy Director for Curriculum, Cabinet Office
Robyn Scott, CEO and Co-founder, Apolitical
Antonio CordelloAssociate Professor, LSE


How can AI improve public services safely at speed?

The session addresses both the challenges and prospects of using AI responsibly and effectively to improve public services.

Session attendees will:

  • Learn from experts in AI and public sector delivery who will share insights on using AI to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility of services.
  • Explore opportunities for automating processes, refining decision-making and providing personalised services to citizens – while upholding standards in data protection, privacy and ethical governance.
  • Engage in a vital discussion on strategies for deploying these technologies in a manner that places at the forefront the safety and trust of the citizens we serve.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, exchange views and contribute to defining the future of public service delivery in the digital age.


Sheena Thompson, Digital and Emerging Technology Leader, EY UKI
Andy Fuller, AI and data, EY UKI
Dr Farahnaz Ashouri Desnez, Group Deputy Director for Knowledge and Information Management
Glen Robinson, National Technology Officer, Microsoft UK
Laurie Thraves, Head of The National Situation Centre, Cabinet Office



Main conference event content and exhibition will be taking place. Please do see our main-stage agenda here.


Can sustainability drive progress to a future-ready government workforce?

As the public sector grapples with rapid societal changes, technological advancements and evolving citizen expectations, how can workforce transformation become a strategic lever for sustainability and future readiness?

Join us for an interactive workshop on people sustainability, where we use design thinking approaches to explore ways to create a more resilient and engaged public sector workforce. We’ll explore case studies showing successful workforce transformations that have prioritized reskilling and upskilling, diversity and inclusion, technology and flexibility.

How can a focus on sustainability help to build more transformative workforces and help make the public sector an attractive place to work? How do we capture and realize the opportunities for workforce transformation while being under pressure from several global megatrends?

Whether you’re a human resources professional, a manager, or a leader looking to navigate workforce transformation, this session is designed to equip you with insights, inspiration and practical ideas you can start implementing right away.


Shalinder Bakshi, EY Global People Advisory Services Leader, Government & Infrastructure
Daniel Brämhagen, EY, EMEIA People Sustainability Lead
Lauren Haney, EY Senior Manager, People Sustainability


Main conference event content and exhibition will be taking place. Please do see our main-stage agenda here.