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Tuesday 19 March

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Keynote: Unleashing innovation – how to get it right in the public sector

Alex Chisholm, Chief Operating Officer, Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom


Keynote: Unleashing innovation – how to support it in the wider economy




Professional project delivery: how to innovate in delivering major projects

With governments around the world facing tight fiscal envelopes, driving best value from major government projects – from infrastructure to policy transformations – is vital. This session will bring together international experts to share best practice on how to deliver major projects in government now – from how to plan for delivery, and how to manage complex projects.

Competing for talent: how government can recruit the talent it needs

Many of the key skills that government needs to deliver for citizens in the 21st century – from digital to project management, procurement to HR and people – are also highly in demand across the entire economy.

This session will look at the key elements of how government departments can make themselves attractive employers, with international peers sharing their insight on how to solve labour market puzzles.


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Fireside chat: Innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning

This session will share expert insight on the use of AI in government.

Fireside chat: Sustainability in the economy

This session will look at how government is driving forward the UK plans to reach net zero by 2050, looking at how the government is helping different parts of the economy make progress through both incentives and regulations.




Artificial Intelligence in public services: how is government using AI to improve services for citizens?

The use of artificial intelligence could potentially transform public services, with governments examining uses that range from automating back-office activities such as finance and HR, to improving public services by using AI to notify citizens on their entitlements.

This session will look at the trailblazing examples of using AI in government, and share insights on what public services need to do to make the most of technological advances.

Sustainability in government: how governments can reduce the carbon emissions of their work

The government has committed to reduce the carbon footprint of its own operations through a series of greening government commitments on emissions, water, waste, domestic flights, biodiversity, climate adaptation and food waste.

This session will look at how governments are making progress against these plans, sharing best practice from across Whitehall, and looking at how governments such as the United States and Canada are making progress through their joint Greening Government Initiative.


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The next steps for government transformation

The government’s digital strategy has set out plans for moving at least 50 of its top 75 identified services to a ‘great’ standard of service performance by 2025.

This session will detail the steps that are needed to achieve this target, looking at how the Central Digital and Data Office and departments are taking a ‘whole system’ approach to improving services, through replacing legacy technology, automating the operational back end of services and adapting policy for digital channels. This session will also share insight from public servants around the globe on how they have transformed key services for citizens.

Public private partnerships: what can governments learn from other sectors on delivery?

So many citizens’ demands for how they want government services to be delivered are informed by the availability of digitally-enabled on-demand services from private sector companies. But what can government learn from these organisations about how to create agile citizen-facing services?

This session will share insights from experts on the key lessons – and the pitfalls to avoid.




Sharing for success: how government data sharing can unlock better public services

Sharing data is one of the key ways that public services can be revolutionised and personalised in the years ahead. Creating systems, policies and cultures where government data can be shared across organizational boundaries can unlock better integration across areas like healthcare, education, welfare and benefits.

This session will provide insight from civil servants who have led innovations to make data integration across government happen. It will include details on the incentives, culture, security and risk management that is needed for better sharing – and the pitfalls to avoid.


Amanda Dahl, Deputy Director, Government Digital Service

To be announced


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How to get the public sector ready for AI

The use of artificial intelligence could potentially transform public services, with governments examining uses that range from automating back-office activities such as finance and HR to improving public services by using AI to notify citizens on their entitlements.

However, governments need to ensure that their data is ready and accessible to be used for AI insight. Public sector organisations also need to develop both the technical – and policy-level – understanding of how AI can be used to help solve the problems they face.

This session will share insight from public servants on how they have got their organisation ready to embrace the potential of AI.


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