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Welcome address and keynote on the UK civil service modernisation and reform programme

Keynote by:
Alex Chisholm, Chief Operating Officer, UK Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom.

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Followed by a welcome from:
Julie Teigland, EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner and EY Global Leader – Women. Fast forward

Chaired by:
Siobhan Benita, Global Government Forum, former UK civil servant

Panel Discussion: Skills and Tools

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Whilst innovation requires the right aptitudes and attitudes, it is also a learned skill. Civil servants need an understanding of how to develop, promote and deliver innovative ideas, plus a good knowledge of some of the key fields – such as digital technologies and staff engagement. And tools are equally important, particularly in supporting collaboration and ensuring that good ideas are picked up and adopted. This session will consider the recruitment, training, promotion and performance management policies that best promote innovation in government, and the equipment and systems required to pursue innovative ideas.


  • Fiona Deans, Director General, Government Digital Service, United Kingdom
  • Hala Audi, Director of Strategy, Performance & Assurance, Infrastructure and Projects Authority, United Kingdom
  • Lee May Gee, Director, Public Sector Transformation Cluster, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore
  • Raj Thuppal, Chief Technology Officer, Shared Services Canada, Canada

Panel Discussion: Data Management and Sharing

Session report coming soon.

Good data management and sharing is key to many innovative projects – permitting cross-departmental services built around user needs, for example, and enabling evidence-based policymaking and service delivery. The challenges here are partly technical and organisational, but many countries also face barriers around legislation and public perceptions. As well as considering the systems, protocols and regulatory structures required to support secure, effective use of data across government, this panel discussion will examine different approaches to winning public trust.


  • Shahar Bracha, Acting CEO Government ICT Authority, The National Digital Ministry, Israel
  • Eileen Fuchs, Principle and Head of Division; Digital policy, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany
  • Mireille Laroche, Assistant Commissioner, Service, Innovation and Integration Branch, Chief Data Officer, and Chief Service Officer, Canada
  • Julie Pierce, Director of Openness, Data and Digital and Director for Wales, Food Standards Agency, United Kingdom
  • Sue Bateman, Deputy Director, Data and Innovation, Government Digital Service, United Kingdom

Panel Discussion: Commissioning and Deploying New Technologies

Session report coming soon.

New and emerging digital technologies have huge potential to support innovative practices and services. But developing, commissioning and deploying them demands a specific set of skills, along with reformed planning, funding, procurement and management systems. Emerging technologies such as AI bring new challenges around bias, ethics and accountability – and on the horizon loom new generations of tech, such as quantum computing. This session will discuss how civil services can adapt their approach to suit the strengths, demands and risks of digital technologies, and consider how technologies are likely to evolve in the years to come.


  • Stefan Schlosser, Policy Advisor, Federal Chancellery, Division Digital State, Germany
  • Hans-Jörg Schäper, Deputy Director General, Directorate General VI – Information Technology, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany
  • Melinda Johnson, Commercial Director, Department of Health and Social Care, United Kingdom 
  • Chris Ferguson, Director, Government Digital Service, United Kingdom
  • Mark Palmer, Head of Public Sector, EMEA, Google Cloud

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Panel Discussion: Programme Governance and Finance

Session report coming soon.

Most countries’ systems of accountability, funding and management run vertically down departmental structures – but many civil service innovations demand collaborative, cross-departmental action and programmes. This poses a challenge to traditional approaches to project governance, demanding shared structures that retain clear lines of accountability whilst permitting joint decision-making. And many innovative and digital projects are best developed through iterative ‘Agile’ methods, which can clash with established systems for project approval, business planning and budgeting. This session will consider how programme approval, management and governance processes can best be adapted to support innovation across government.


  • Paul O’Neil, Deputy Chief Executive of Operations and General Counsel, Serious Fraud Office, New Zealand
  • Vesa Lipponen, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Finance, Finland
  • Matthew Rees, Director of Regulation and Economics, Single Source Regulations Office, UK
  • Kevin Cunnington, Director General of International Government Service, United Kingdom

Panel Discussion: Leading Innovation

Session report coming soon.

Above all, civil service innovation demands a supportive environment – and that must come down from the top. Civil servants need to be confident that their ideas will be taken seriously; that innovative projects will receive high-level backing; and that they can experiment and take well-judged risks without damaging their careers. So civil service leaders need to model the right behaviours, champion innovative practice, and clear the path for promising projects. This session will consider how civil services can support and promote innovation in leadership – both amongst today’s senior managers, and in developing the next generation.


  • Oliver Jones, EY-Parthenon Global Government and Public Sector Strategy Leader; Partner, Geostrategic Business Group
  • Seong Ju Park, Deputy Director of the Digital Government Cooperation Division, Republic of Korea 
  • Magnus Enzell, Senior Advisor, Department for Digital Government, Ministry of Infrastructure, Sweden
  • Susan Acland-Hood, Acting Permanent Secretary, Department for Education, United Kingdom

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