Innovation 2020
16 & 17 November

A virtual event with collaborative workshops and panel discussions

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About the event

Faced with new challenges, governments must innovate. And to do that, they must draw on the talent of the whole workforce; address the barriers within and across departments; and adapt civil servants’ tools, incentives and systems. Adopting a format as innovative as its subject matter, Innovation 2020 will bring together civil servants from across the globe to explore this crucial field of government transformation.

Governments around the world face a complex set of social, economic and environmental challenges, driven by rapid technological, political and demographic change. And with public finances under pressure, few can spend their way out of problems. But by embracing innovation, they can find solutions within the very dynamics that are constantly throwing up new challenges – adopting emerging technologies, adapting to changed cultures, and building new skills, structures and communications methods to meet the public’s evolving expectations.

To drive innovation, officials require the tools, skills and confidence to experiment with new approaches to service delivery. The systems and structures within which they operate must support and promote intelligent risk-taking. And they need to work in partnership across professional and organisational boundaries, assembling the right skills and capabilities to rebuild services around users’ needs.

Building on the success of last year’s event, Innovation 2020 will help civil servants from a range of key professions and functions, and from countries around the world, to promote and develop new approaches to policymaking and service delivery – first considering their own professions’ roles in cross-government innovation, then coming together to explore how civil servants of all disciplines can drive forward the agenda. For innovation demands collaboration, understanding and mutual support, addressing barriers and tensions across the system.

So this is – as it must be – a truly innovative event. Delegates will discuss and debate the issues in cross-disciplinary workshops, chaired by leading innovators from around the world. They’ll learn about innovative techniques and projects delivered in a range of professions, organisations and nations. And they’ll see their conclusions fed into plenary sessions covering some of the central issues in the field, featuring panel debates and audience Q&As. Drawing on the expertise and views of all those attending, Innovation 2020 presents a unique opportunity to explore the keys to innovation with colleagues from around the world.


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